cross line Nails =] -easy method-

Thanks to UniMAP 7 pillars program, I get 1 day holiday. =]
so i take some times to give my nails some treatment and painting~

This will stay on my nails for couple of days before i getting into X'mas nails.
*X'mas!! I cant wait for it!*

I paint 2 colors on my nails
purple matte & Where is the party? 
 I already done 1 line on my thumb.
Use 2 Cellophane tape to taped on nail
Leaving space few mm (depends) in between 2 tapes.
Then, apply nail polish on them.

Wait dry a little bit & peel off

Peeling~ =]


do same to other nails with different pattern.
It's very easy to do and look nice.

Optional for adding ribbon or rhinestone at the interception of cross for present nails.
*I skip this part, currently lask of materials*

Friendly reminder:
Must let the previos layer of nail polish to dry completely before taped cellophane tape onto them.

Product used:
Elianto base coat
E-essence colour & go 43 Where is the party?
Etude House 11 purple matte

Cellophane tape