DIY exfoliating scrub

My mother prepared a baking soda for me, in case I need them for whitening uses or whatever.
I was reading and research some on cheap DIY skin care on internet, and guess what i found! hehe..
Exfoliation scrub made by baking soda and water ONLY.
This is so convenient for me, because i happened to have baking soda with me. hehehee..

How this baking soda & water work:
1.) Mix baking soda & water in ratio of 3:1

2.) Stir well & apply on face

3.) Leave for 2-3 minutes to let dry

4.) Gently massage while washing off.
     *Extra gently, baking soda particles are harsh to skin.
       My neck turn red for 1st time i scrub >_<* 

It's feel very harsh during application, so must be very gently apply with brush, or cotton pad/ball to pick up the soda particles.

The outcome was very good & satisfying.
My skin feel clean, smooth & soft. ^_~
Application of toner is a MUST to minimize pores. *for my case..*
My nose experience some dryness, so i add 1 more thin layer of moisturizer at that area. =)

Products used:
Random baking soda from supermarket