paper print on nails

i been trying on paper print on nails for different methods, by water & alcohol.
water method work poorly and need alot of energy pressing.
then my friend angeline recommend me methylated spirit.
so i went grabbed one at watson and tried on!

1st apply 2 coat of base color of your choice.
 *i choose peach! =D*

pour little amount of methylated spirit into its cap

cut few piece of papers.
*i recycle my bioreactor assignment journal hehehe*

dip your paper into methylated spirit, soak for few seconds.

put on ur nail and presssssss.

wash clean, apply a topcoat and.. ta-daaaa! done! =D

Product used:
Elianto basecoat 
Skinfood topcoat
Elianto 33 *peach*
Polylab methylated spirit
piece of paper

i using my laptop webcam, sorry for low quality photo. >_<~