Saturday, December 13, 2014

Hmmm... I Wonder

It's almost a year since I last blogged
That was back in February?
Many things happened since then. 
I woke up this morning thinking about Blogging
and I wondered if there are still people out there who really reads this blog
came online to check, 
to my surprise... there still are !
Which I assumed 80% Googled for keyword and found us
10% is just back here to check if there are any updates
and then another 10% were just looking up for our contact details =) 
I was also thinking if there is a need to explain to the 10% readers why both admin has been gone for so long
literally AWOL !
But shortly I figured, I should not tell unless it has been requested. 
For me, the issue has been pretty personal
One thing I can assure you is that , 
my love and passion towards make up is still going strong. 
Leimun is doing amazing with her nail art classes .. Love her long life. <3<3<3
I have yet to talk to admin Leimun on how we should handle the blog, 
but I personally have plans to diversify it a little
because there is only to a certain extend one can blog about beauty ! hahaha
If you get what I mean.. 
This blog is after all has already exist
so why waste?
Maybe it is not so much about our personal life
maybe it can be about the little adventure? I don't know
ZERO idea...
Until we decide whats next... 
Here is something for you ...
My hair ! 
It went from this length to  

to this length ! 
hahaha, I told everyone I was having quarter life crisis. 
and that's my happy face after my  Massage session at Amante
If you followed my blog long enough you will know I have always been a fan of shoulder length hair
because I think it suit me best. 

Finally, I wanna show you 
this gorgeous lip color is by M.A.C in Diva
hahaha , the MUA was a guy and he was so sweet patiently helping me pick out
a suitable color.
I have another one to share with you. 
But maybe it will be in my next post or something. 
Saya Rasa Saya Sangat Cantik !

Till we decide what's next...
Take care 

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Nails look for March

Tummy issue, I got 2 days ML at home to take care my body and blog as well, so here is the little updates on the nails look for March.

Look 1: Daisy in blue
 Look 2: Roses in peach


Thursday, March 6, 2014

Missing nails look of February 2014

So long, finally post what's on my nails last month.

Red was my fav colour.. so rich, vibrant and charming that I couldn't resist to put them on my nails. 
I found they match perfectly with gold colours, some charms and rhinestones.



Friday, January 31, 2014

Liebster Award , nominated by Laura

The Liebster Blog Award originated in Germany
 (Liebsteradj. favorite, preferred above others; liked or loved above others) and is given to bloggers by bloggers. 
*copied from Laura's blog*

The Rules 
- You must link back the person who nominated you.
- You must answer the 11 Liebster questions given to you by the nominee before you.
- You must pick 11 bloggers to be nominated for the award.
- You must come up with 11 questions for your nominees to answer.
- You must go to their blogs and notify your nominees.

LauraLeia's Questions

1. Who or what inspired you to start your blog?

A: I actually started blogging at a very young age. I was introduced to the blogging world by a close friend of mine named Samuel .. He inspired me to share my thoughts online. Stopped blogging for a while and then I continues back, except this time, I knew what I wanted to blog about. and Leimun came up with a great idea of moderating Beautiful Things by L&A together. So yes Leimun Inspired me as well... Thanks Leimun =)
L: Angeline for sure inspire me to start blogging to share our love on our hobbies. 

2. What's your favourite 2013 memory?

A: My favourite memory... Gees... this is difficult... I guess it would be me starting to drive again. Especially the time I drove my colleagues Kugaa's car.. OMG, I just cannot stop shouting ! hahaha...

3. What's your craziest hair colour, or what colour would you like for your hair? ;)

A: The one thing that I regret the most is not having the guts to dye my hair red or purple when I had the chance. Now that I have started working, I was being told that only our marketers can dye their hair with bold weird colour because they are given the immunity.... =( So whole year round I only manage to dye my hair dark brown and black only.

4. Currently listening to...

A: I am currently listening to 988 fm hahaha...
L: Oddies playing in my head.

5. You're stranded on a deserted island. Name 3 outfits OR beauty products you'd bring. HAHAHA

A: Okay, so if I am stranded on a deserted island... I wouldn't mind at all about outfits, I'll make do with whatever natural resources I can get in hand and create a couture for myself. haha... Coconut husk, banana leafs you name... So I'll go for the 3 beauty products I would or rather wish I will have in hand are

i) Sunblock / Sunscreen - I don't want to score myself skin cancer
ii) Red Lipstick - Because it's super versatile
iii) Mascara !!! - I want beautiful batting lashes and at the same time I can double it up as eye shadow or eye liner

L: Just some seashells and a fish tail dress will do. I wanna be mermaid! 

6. What's your dream travel destination? 

A: My dream travel destination is to visit Santorini !

L: To a place i called home.

7. Favourite nail colour?

A: I don't very often use nail polishes .. but I think recently I have been very into brown tones.. The ones which are not too dark and not too light... hahaha
L: None, i love every colours hahhaha

8. Favourite blog(s)?

A: Okay I have to admit, the 2 most visited beauty blogs are
i) Laura's blog, I sometimes but stuff after reading her review !! - Click Here to Visit
ii) Fatin's blog, Always something new and luxurious to read about ! - Click Here to Visit 
L: Nailasaurus, and From head to toe.

9. Tell me ONE resolution for 2014.

A: Is to reward myself with at least 1 good holiday trip !
L: Graduate from school

10. Food you DON'T like?

A:  'Don't LIKE' seem like a very strong word. I think I'd be more comfortable saying 'Don't FANCY' ... haha... the food that I don't fancy would be Chinese Herbal soup.. as in the real bitter one.
L: Ask my friends, they will know.. 

11. Coffee or tea?

A: Coffee , Tea or Me !!! hahaha... I personally would prefer coffee, but because caffeine could trigger my migraine.. So nowadays I'll prefer tea over coffee.  
L: Tea for sure. I do love the aroma of coffee but too bad my body just can't handle it.

So for this tag Leimun and I will split the question building among ourselves. I'll be posting 5 question while Leimun will be posting 6 questions (heheh... TQ Leimun).

Angeline's Questions

1. Whats your favourite makeup brand?
2. What will you spend on if you only have RM25 in your purse
3. Cat or Dog?
4. Describe your ideal getaway vacation
5. What do you enjoy doing most during your free time.

Leimun's Questions

1. What are you wearing today?
2. What will do you if u bump into dream guy?
3. What is the other side of you?
4. When is your last time prank someone?
5. How often u pamper yourself?6. Where do you find your daily inspiration?

That's all from Beautiful Things, thanks Laura for tagging us and We hope you all enjoying reading this post! 

Lotsa love from Beautiful Things by L&A 

Sunday, January 5, 2014

A Little Update on Myself (Very Self Obsessed)

In just a wink of an eye 
we are already in year 2014
I just celebrated my Birthday exactly a week ago. 
and today , sitting right in front of my desktop and I am already a year older ... FML...
Man I aged within days after my birthday...
Anyway ,
as cliche as this may sound...
New Year ... New Hope ... New Beginning
I am very determine to create many many memorable memories this year
I'm really amazed and proud of myself on how I got this far
Few main reason is because...

1. I Love myself a lot. Love myself more than anyone can love me , after GOD

2.I am born naturally an introvert? but God decided to put highly extroverted people 
(who accepts introverts) to add colours into my life. and then there's this blog created to allow me to share whatever in here. 

3. I am not a smart arse student... Very average always have been only scores a subject if I love that subject or the teacher teaching me. Never tasted straight A's before. and yet I manage to graduate University 

4. I'm a really short tempered person. I am so convinced before that someone in school would just kill me and I'll be dead before I turn 20 !

In case some of you readers think life was smooth sailing for me
 because I know how to make myself look good. 
well , you better think again...
All the experiences I have been through all these years 
make me morphed into what I am today ! 
and seriously no joke on this. 
Like many others I battled with insecurities myself. hence, the lack of confidence
Images below are from my secondary school years.

I swear I was born with a built looking like man.
I waited almost my whole life.. and still am waiting for my boobs to arrive !
and even now , Leimun can be my witness... 
We always joked about how we (rather I) felt like a man 
and also how the way we speak and act are more manlier than real males. 
you, can only see that side of me after you know me long enough. 
Uni years has been one of the best part of my life. 
you can always hear me talking about it. 
It is at Uni where I really became 'beautiful' hahaha
it's at uni where I met many great people and experienced experiences which I have never experience before. 
I had such an amazing time there, I have zero time for homesick ! 
Yes, assignments, test and exams might be sucky but thats just one small period of time. Majority of it I was having fun meeting people, travelling, doing crazy late night stuffs ! that includes doing prohibited stuff

That's why if you follow me on social sites you'll see how I really put great emphasis to young people that they should always stay in school at least until form 5. and if you can, stay in school till you  earn your self a degree

From the first image, you can really see how much I slowly grow and improve myself to be better
be it in terms of my looks, my dressing style, my hair style or even the way I think. 
owh and for the image below, I have no idea why the colours looked like that.. It happens magically after I upload it. 
heheh ... over exposure to pure awesomeness !
Image below is from my Uni years!

Coming to the point that now
I am really grateful to GOD and only GOD alone 
for guiding me without fail throughout my journey
he was there when I was happy and was also faithfully there when I was at my weakest moment. 
I thank him for blessing me with a job at a Multi National Company that allows me to visit new places ( though I don't fancy my boss at times haha) 
I thank him for all the people that came and go into my life... 
I want to thank him for inventing cosmetics , thats how I became pretty heheh
I simply just want to thank him for everything ! 

Life is never perfect... I don't know about you... haha
but mine can be pretty shitty ...
and pretty negative to..
But on the happier side... 
I occasionally like to sit there doing nothing and start counting my blessings
some younger readers might be curious to know
on whether or not is there anything I regret doing. 
Answer is... Yes, But i'll just keep those to myself and not share it out in public. 
all I can say is 
to appreciate what you have 
to enjoy every second of your life...
and to know that you are much more precious that what you think you are. 
Always remember to have confidence, 
the smile reflect the level of confidence you have
(you can see the smile transition from my pictures)

Good night everyone...
See you in my next post !

Sunday, December 29, 2013


Hi Guys !!!!
It's been a while since I last updated this blog. 
Been a little busy lately
With Christmas...
So just for a little update.
That's a recent picture of me 
Yup right below here...

I'm super excited to share with you guys that I have recently won a
Beauty Box from MMAO 's Share and Win Giveaway. 
My friend who is also a fellow Blogger from  Little Dine
Actually Tagged me in it. 
Bare in mind that I am never lucky in the cyber world haha... 
So in my mind I was like...
"mmm okay , no harm in sharing" 
and the next thing I knew was that 
I AM ONE OF THE 5 lucky winners !
So being one of the 5 lucky winners we were given these coupon code 
where we can actually redeem one of their monthly basis boxes or ! I can top up a couple more bucks to get one of their Christmas Series Boxes. 
Yes I went on ahead getting myself their Christmas Series Boxes.
They promised to send me the parcel by 16th ! and GUESS WHAT !
The parcel did came to my doorstep on the 16 December 2013 
They were so sensitive towards the safety of the items 
The MODBOX team actually carefully stuff the box with nice decorative paper and wrapped it again with bubble wrap !
Awesome Service...
This is how it looked like when you unwrapped everything !

When you opened up the box, 
You're presented with a little appreciation note !
from the MODBOX CREW !

When you flip it over to the other side of the note, 
you'll see a whole list of the products sent to you, and it's original price. 
of which I'm really happy that all items sent to me are in full size!

I only paid RM60 for all these
Really a great bargain. 
All of the items sent to me are from Jelly Pong Pong
It's a brand of which I have heard so much about but never really get to try it myself. 
so Thank You MMAO X MODBOX for giving me such a good excuse to get myself some 
Jelly Pong Pong great selling items :) 
I'm going to break down the items one by one so you can really have a good look at it 
You may click image to enlarge it.

The first item which I opened was the 
Lip Coushion Lip Balm 
it's in full sized
retailing at RM48/pcs

It comes in a plastic packaging,
which does not at any point look cheap 
When I open it, 
the first thing that hit my nose was sweet smelling Jelly smell
and seriously, 
even from the image you can tell that the texture was soft. 
see the dent I made, yeah ... I know hardly even a dent looking because it was so soft. 
Smelled like it's almost edible ! 

Second Item is the Single & Lovin' It Eyeshadow
It's packaging loked pretty similar like Benefit ones 
Looks a bit like a book ,  the're is 2 magnat which they conceal it nnicely to help keep the lids together
I got it in full size 
and is retailing at RM49 !
At this point 
I totally had already earned back what I spent !

This is a pretty vanilla frost finish eye shadow, 
You may use it as a highlighter or just plain swiping it round your lids 
to give it a wash of colour and also you may use it in your inner eye corner to help your eyes appear bigger !
The texture is soft and easy application

The third item which i got was the Supermodel Lip & Cheek Stain
This product has been raved heavily in the blog sphere by blogger
So I was excited when I knew I'm gonna get one of these. 
It is retailing at at RM80/pcs
and I got even more excited when I opened it , 
it's actually in bright Cherry red !
If you follow me on my Blog you will know how much I love using red on my lips !
so double THUMBS UP ! to the MODBOX CREW for picking this item your CHRISTMAS Series Box !

This is how it looked like when you open it up
it comes in a very cute and sturdy packaging, 
Best of all , 
is that it comes conveniently with a mirror !

The forth item in my Christmas Series Box 
is the Jelly Pong Pong 
Twin Tips eyeliner
 which is actually a double-ended eyeliner 
which retails for RM 49/pcs

 Look how pretty the colour is. !
Because I am naturally born mono-lid
Using eye liner has always been a great challenge to me. 
Especially the pencils ones
so for this product, 
it glides on the back of my hand pretty smoothly but just to avoid tugging on my eye lids
I gently warmed the stick with my hair dryer 
and guess what, it glides on my lid without tugging it. Love this product ! 

I got a Nude & Improved Base & Concealer !
haha, when I see the word Improved I always wondered to my self what happened to the previous one. lol
This item it retails for RM83/pcs

So just like what the name of this product says, 
it is actually a 2 in 1 product, 
you can actually use it as a Concealer or as an Eyeshadow base. 
It's in salmon colour
How smart is that !
I was so worried that the colour I get would not match with my skin tone or probably it's like too difficult or dry to blend it. 
Normally, I would heat the stick up at the back of my hand or using a hair dryer...
But this time I don't know why, one touch on the product and I find it pretty confident that i can just use it from the stick itself. 
And WOW ! 
It blended in perfectly !

I was worried that this fat little Concealer & Base stick would not fit into any of my cosmetic sharpener
you know just because different brands have different diameter for their products.
and guess what !
The MODBOX CREW actually surprised me with 
Jelly Pong Pong special sharpener. 
Phew, Now that actually eases all my worries hahah

With only these items you see in the little box !
You are absolutely ready to attend any occasion event all year round. 
So to prove it to you guys
I have actually use all the products which was in the box and came up with this look!
No Foundation ! No Blotting Powder No nothing.
Everything came straight out of the box
So come to think of it. 
The items in this box can be Doubled up as an Emergency Makeup Kit !
(MODBOX CREW, please come up with another one of these kit in the future pleaseeee) 

And, after that,
I figured 
What would happen if I have total access to all my make up items?
and the result was stunning !
I just added some mineralized foundation, added some brown eyeliner and mascara
used my CD Dior lip glow
and Voila !
I'm ready to go...
Yes, I did went out with this look...
Best of all, It did not felt like I had tonne of make up on. 
Amazing !

So once again, I would like to thank MMAO for hosting this amazing Share and Win Giveaway
and I would like to thank MODBOX for being so amazing for coming up with this great Christmas Edition Beauty Box ! 
It feels good that I am only paying a small amount and getting goodies worth RM309 !
So do check out MODBOX , you can actually customize items based on ur liking
(click Here to visit MODBOX)
Not to forget also MMAO , Thank you so much =) 
( Click Here to visit MMAO fan page ! Don't forget to like them... A page where you can find everything beauty related )
You can also visit our FB page 
(Click Here , and don't forget to like us and to follow us on our blog via GFC )
Until my next post, 
Take care everyone...


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