I Am Still Alive !!!

Life has been pretty interesting for the past  two year. I don't even know where to begin.

The broke up with the ex wasn't a pleasant one. Imagine yourself dating a person for quite some time and then all you hope for is that the person you are dating with to be on the same page as you are. Except that at the end of it. He tells you that he couldn't let go of his ex girlfriend whom he broke up with 3 years ago and who is about to get married. And then he just tell it to your face that he just want to call it off. And then he took off just like so leaving you on your own to lick your own wound by the corner of your room. I often laugh at it now saying that back then the whole saga was almost like one of the crazy break up scene you see on Korean drama. And you are so ashamed to tell others that you kept it all to yourself and end up looking like a great big mess.

But over the year long period,I would have to say. That I am very very proud of myself. As cool as you think I am. That broke up made me realized that. I wasn't as independent as I thought I was. I had to start everything from ground zero almost. I had to figure out everything including how to learn to drive. Get myself food. Learn not to think so much and the list goes on. Not sure if I mentioned before but I'm really thankful to have a handful of really amazing friends who really put in effort in helping me. Teaching me how to drive. How to go explore places. And constantly keeping me occupied with activities. 

In just within a short period of one year. I now can drive well. Not super well. But good enough to get me from one point to another. Owh and I even had an upgrade, no longer driving the myvi now; bought a new imported car and I'm so proud of myself coz it's a sedan and I'm paying for it myself.  I'm no longer afraid of being alone, in fact I enjoyed the ME time that I am getting. By bringing myself to the cinema. Treating myself with a good meal and also taking myself out for a shopping session. 

I can only say, I couldn't have gone through all that without God's help. He never fail to send me angels in disguise to come help me when I'm stuck at the junction. A year have passed. You may ask if I'm still upset at him and if I'm feeling very hurt. Well my reply is. I'm not as upset as I was initially as this person no longer matter to me. But because he hurt me before, therefore, I do not want to have anything to do with him. As to do I hate him ? Well not as much. I learn to see that there has to be a reason that God placed him in my life. And the reason could be that God want me to learn to appreciate love and experience hurt at the same time. Well is a chapter that has passed and I do not want to look back. 

The hurt won't stop me from loving. I remember seeing a quote that goes like. If someone hurt you. Never stop loving. In fact learn to love harder than ever.  Loving him was a choice made by me. And for that. I must be ready to face whatever consequences that comes with it. Someone told me that I felt much hurt compared to him is because I loved him more. Well, whether or not that's the truth I don't know. But that statement sure is comforting. Hahaha. But it takes two hands to clap. 

So I gave myself a short time off from all these relationship thing till I met this one person. Whose very unique by nature. But fits all the criteria that I'm looking for in a partner. Taking things slowly. Still learning how make sure that this time I'm doing it right by keeping God the centre of everything. One day at a time. Keep me in prayers. 

Owh and recently I bought a bunch of very interesting make up stuff. So I intend to give it a try first before sharing it with you ladies here. There's a list of items that I wish I could get by this year. But looking into the economic condition. These items may just be put on hold for little while. Unless someone is very much generous enough to gift or sponsor me those item haha. 

Till my next post. Take care everyone. 


Cute and Easy Nails Designs

Hi everyone, so long for the nails post. 

I would like to share 2 cute and fastest nail arts that you definitely can do it yourself without messing up. 

The first design is featured by Susuwatari (dust bunnies/ soot spirits) from Studio Ghibli. Here you will need to have few tools: black & white arcylic paint/ nail polishes, detailed brush, dotting tool, and water to dilute the arcylic paint. 

First, apply your favorite base color on the nail and outline susuwatari in round shape. Once you are happy on the distribution of susuwatari, fill up the color. The round shape does not need to be perfect as we are going to add tiny fur around them in the next step. Then use white arcylic paint and a medium size dotting tool, dot on the eyes, and small size dotting tool for the pupils. Finish the design with a layer of top coat. 

The second design is a heart and a cutie bear. For this design, we will need red arcylic paint/ nail polish, a detailed brush, water, bear sticker and glitter of your choice. 

First, apply your preferred base color on the nail and outline a heart shape in middle section of nail with detailed brush and red arcylic paint. Then fill up the heart and add some glitter at the center of the heart while the painting is still wet. Put the sticker at the corner of the heart shape and outline the heart with gold glitter. Finish the design with a layer of top coat. 

Hope you will enjoy this simple tutorial and please let us know if you try this. 

First Try On Korean Eyelash Extension

Like every ladies out there, i am always fancy for long bashing lashes. Well, what stopping me to try out on few years back was due to rumors about natural eyelash fall off from doing the eyelash extension and eye irritation from the products.

Now the technologies had advanced, so does the eyelash extension industries, i decided to give it a try by considering so many successful examples i saw from my friends and also the customer testimonials. 

So i went for eyelash extension beauty salon at Boulevard Midvalley on last Wednesday. I was greet by the friendly eyelash technician (not sure what's to call them..) and start consultation on my eye shape, natural eyelash, daily facial routine and the type of eyelash extension i want to get. 

I don't want to go for Oh-so-obvious-she-just-get-her-eyelash-done look, and opt for super natural type. I am quite proud for my own eyelash, however i do want to have some curl on them as they are grow straight downward no matter what i tried to make them curl. So i getting myself a 60 pieces of J curl mink lashes, 9mm and 10mm long, 0.10mm thick. That's the most natural combination of eyelash, according to the eyelash technician. 

They sent my into a room and prep for the application. The process was smooth, comfortable and quick. I didn't feel any burning or heavy feel. Below is my before and after photo. 

As you can see, there is not much different between before and after, just on the latter one u can see there is slightly fuller, longer and no more gaps in between lashes. 

I am happy with the result because this is exactly what i request for. 

The maintenance and after cares are simple, just avoid oil based products on eye area and must not rub the eyes. After i did it, i realized this is not as intimating as the articles i read on google and does not requires lots of maintenance. I feel it is rather convenient because once wake up i can immediately look better (i mean since i already gt my lashes there, i just need to pop on my eyebrow and lip balm only). 

If you ask if i will go back for second time.. yes, i will. I love it. 

Until then, 


Simple Statement From Tip of Your Hands - Minimalism

We once heard of style come from within a person. Well, it does based on your thinking and lifestyle.
But we also can enhance the message you want to deliver from your appearance like hairstyle, make up, outfit and... yes, nails. 

Today i am going to show you the one on my nails for the theme: Minimalism. 

Yes, it is very simple, kinda low profile but with a bling. I did a clear gel on all nails and add the Swaroski crystal at size ss3 around the cuticle line of middle finger. 

Click here to view the video.

Look posh and cool isn't it?

Let me know what type of nails you like it on your nails. 

Until then, 


Jumpsuits for Woman - Streetstyle

Jumpsuits will never go out of style. It will only get better….

So was browsing through and then I stumbled upon these beautiful Jumpsuits.

It cannot be denied that the first thing that comes across through our mind about jumpsuits is that it is the versatile fashion piece to wear anywhere and still appear stunning. There are various ways a woman can pull a chic jumpsuit look and never appear out of style at any occasion. The jumpsuits are pretty much an outfit and with the right accessories, you can rock the outfit anywhere you go whether to work, parties or even casual day out. Jumpsuits can be styles in a various range of ways from casual to sophistication.  Check out three piece of jumpsuit for women streetstyle look to pull off successfully with ease.
There are 3 different style of jumpsuit that really catch out eyes:

1.   Monochrome
Who doesn’t love the simple black and white outfits? The monochrome jumpsuit will never make anyone look sloppy as the sleek tone reveals a sense of maturity on your side. Look elegant and poise showing off the wonderful monochrome jumpsuits to the office, formal events or even a date night out with confidence. Accessorize the jumpsuit with some bling and flaunt that glamorous sexy appeal.


2.   Playful Prints

It does not matter if you choose small floral prints or abstract patterns; the printed jumpsuits are suitable for women who want to bring out a fun character in front of others. Besides that, you do not have to think hard how to accessorize your printed jumpsuits as the patterns speaks the style perfectly. If you want to tone down the look, simply layer it with a plain coloured outerwear and simple design shoes.

3.   Glamorous cutting

For the ladies who want to look glamorous yet simple at the same time, the V neck jumpsuit cutting will absolutely do the trick. Choose a jumpsuit colour such as navy blue, red or pastels for that elegant refine appearance. Perk up the V neck jumpsuit cutting with a nice long necklace for that complete touch.

For more information, styles and pattern be sure to visit

We Are Back

After a long long long break. We finally came around and deciding to blog again. We don't know yet if there are anyone whose still following us. But both Leimun and myself decided that we would continue blogging as part of our interest. 

Of course we sure do hope that you will also continue to support us by reading our blog. Life have been challenging. I promise to fill you in on what you missed out in my life real soon I just need you to give me some time.

If that is not convincing enough. Well, allow me to show you my commitment by showing you this picture 

   Haha yeap. You see it correctly. A screenshot of my applications. And yes I downloaded the blogger app. This isn't the best blogging friendly app. But it serves the purpose. You get what I mean. 

And if that is not enough to convince you. Let me tell you that I'm currently blogging through my phone. That means so long I have Internet access you will be able to know what I'm up to. I sometimes just feel I owe some silent reader or followers an explanation on why we or rather I went off Radar for a very long time. Will talk to Leimun to see if she is interested to blog about it or not. 

I Mosaic out a couple of the applications for privacy purposes. But definitely do drop me a mail or a note in the comment section if you are interested to know. Haha. I sure do hope that the picture is clear enough because from my view right now. It seem a bit pixelated. 

Do follow us on Facebook and if you would like to follow me on Instagram. My user id is @lohsuxin I cannot remember what is Leimun's user id I'll get back to you once confirmed. Heheh

Till our next post. Take care and bye